Larry and Carolyn Arnold


Dear Biewer Fanciers and Breeders:

It is with pleasure that we write this letter of reference for the kennel "My Insatiable Love" owned by the Ostern family.

After studying the Biewer breed, the UCI Biewer Standard and the history and progression of the breed, we began to search for a blood line with the certain "look" we wanted for our foundation stock to begin our own breeding program and for show. Of course health was our top priority, as well as conformation, beauty, temperament and adherence to the standard. Having bred Yorkshire Terriers for several years, we were very excited to add Biewers to our home, but we took our time and chose carefully. We were greatly rewarded for our patience.

Michael Ostern of "My Insatiable Love" never in a rush to place his puppies. He was very patient with us and answered our many questions with care and knowledge. He also asked us many questions as he was very careful to learn about us and made no commitment to trust us with one of their puppies until we established a mutual repor. Michael is extremely knowledgeable and was able to evaluate our breeding requirements and pick the right puppies for us.

Our transaction went smoothly, our communication was excellent and our first puppies, two female litter mates, were flown to us. When they arrived, they were in perfect health and even more beautiful than their pictures could ever show. The puppies came bouncing out of their shipping crate playing and barking and running through the grass as if nothing had happened. A stop at the vet before gong home proved that they were very healthy with no problems at all. We were so thrilled and happy. Once home, it was immediately apparent that these puppies had been greatly loved, well socialized and well cared for. They are very confident and well balanced, have wonderful temperaments, are absolutely beautiful and above all, remain very healthy.

A year later we bought our boy from "My Insatiable Love" and once again, everything went smoothly, and this puppy is just as lovely, healthy and happy as our first puppies and is growing into a very beautiful representative of the Biewer breed.

We would not hesitate to buy from Michael and his family again and highly recommend "My Insatiable Love". Thank you family Ostern for trusting us with your beautiful babies. We will try to make you proud when "your babies" perform in the ring and as we develop our breeding program.


Larry and Carolyn Arnold

Biewers and Yorkshires of Calaryn


Nancy House


To the Family Ostern,

I have wanted to write this letter for a very long time. I want to start out by saying that I will never be able to thank you enough for allowing me to be owned by "3" of your wonderful babies. I know my first experience with you left you wondering what kind of person I was. The fact that I did not act quickly when I decided to let my husband know about "Ashanti" almost cost me a baby boy. I was afraid to ask my husband if I could adopt a puppy from such a long distance and not being able to see him in person. When I did get my nerve up to ask him, he told me okay. I immediately e-mailed you about this puppy and to my sadness, the puppy was spoken for. I cried for a week and finally my husband told me to see if you had another puppy that would be available. You did have Barkley and BeeGee and I liked both of them. You asked me why I did not want another puppy that was just a little older. It was "Ashanti"..... I was so happy and excited and I arrived at the airport 2 hours before my new baby did. It was love a first sight! He was so tiny and wonderful. I can never begin to thank you for this Little Man.

I have never even considered breeding any of my "kids", but as you know, I took Ashanti to a show and he did very well. I really only went to make sure that he met the breed standard as Biewers are so new to the United States. Four judges told me he was exceptional. I decided then that maybe I would like a little girl to breed him to. I don't think I could ever let any of my Grandpuppies go to another home, but this was just an idea. When I talked with you about it you seemed supportive. As you would have litters I would ask you if any might be right for Ashanti. In December of 2006 you told me you had a little girl for me. Oh my goodness. The excitement was starting up again. After making plans and changing them over and over again, I was off to Germany to meet you and your family and to get my little girl. When I arrived at the airport, in a country that I do not speak the language, there to meet me was Mr. & Mrs. Ostern along with their young son Marvin and my precious little girl. Her name is " I Can't Live Without You"". Her name is bigger than she is and I believe, with your okay, I call her Mischa. She is the sweetest little angel ever. I was so blessed to be able to have a wonderful visit with your family. You each made me feel so very welcome and I was so happy to see that each of your Biewers and Yorkies are family members. You do not have crates and kennels set up for anyone. You allow each one to be included with your human family. Your home is lovely and by the time I had to leave, I felt like a family member, myself. I will always remember and treasure that time with you. Again, I have to say thank you. You have entrusted me now with 2 of your special babies. Unfortunately, I think Mischa is going to stay small. She just refuses to grow. But you know that is really okay. I call you "my" breeder and hope that when the time is right and you have a puppy that you feel will fit into our family, I will be able to adopt from you once again.

And finally, I have to tell you that I had no plans on adopting another puppy so quickly, but one of your puppies just shouted me out . That was "A Diamond to be Forever". I was shocked when my husband said I could have another puppy. Michael, you must think I am a very strange woman, but I promise she is it for a while. I do have my hands full with "7", but I could not be happier.

I feel I must commend you on how puppies are raised in your family. I have had Yorkies for almost 25 years now. Each one is special and I would not take a million dollars for any of them. But each puppy that we have gotten from you have been happy and healthy. They have come off of an airplane and a trip that was 12-14 hours long. They flew alone and yet when I got to pick them up, they were happy and just ready to be held and cuddled. Each one of the puppies from you have never acted shy or afraid. They each acted like they knew us from the start. I am not sure what you do to socialize them, but please continue to do it. Your puppies begin their lives with their new families as if they are not strangers at all. They seemed as though they were already adjusted to the new life style. I must tell you that now each of our puppies from you bark with a Texas accent........ HaHaHa!!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Ostern, as well as Michael, Kevin, Lesley, Marvin. I am honored to know you and I think of my blessings everyday. As Mischa and Panache(A Diamond to be Forever) sit here chewing on my power cord, I can not, nor will I ever be able to thank each of you enough. Your kindness to me and the trust you have shown me is unbelievable. Michael, I feel especially close to you as you have answered any and all of my questions. You do so so quickly and so honestly. You have become a friend or at least I consider you to be my friend. I am proud and honored to have "My Insatiable Love" family members.

With the deepest Thanks,

Shanna Wright

Dear Michael & Ostern Family,

I would like to thank you so much for privledging me with one of your beautiful dogs. It is such an honor to own a dog of such beauty and personality!

We received Darling in February 2007,

in the six months that we have owned him he has been a blessing to our family. From the time that we picked him up from the plane, it was very clear to us that he had always been very well taken care of. He was not shy, nor aggressive, he was loving happy and excepting. Although it was very obvious to see he was extremely healthy, I was cautious after hearing so many negative things about buying a dog from Germany, we took him straight to a vet near the airport. The vet was impressed with the quality of Darling and how healthy he was.

I still to this day have not personally seen a yorkie of his quality! He has a great topling and bite as well as an exquisite coat which is better than most human hair. He is very proportionate in size. He has a great earset, and a temperment to die for!

He is an all around great family dog as well as his quality.

I would highly recommend the Ostern family and their dogs to anyone seeking top quality!

I can only hope that someday, my dogs will come close to the quality of the Osterns. The Osterns obviously have discovered the secret of producing the best and most consistent show quality dogs.

I have had many compliments by people amazed at our boy from the Osterns, it is so common to see poor quality yorkies in America that when people meet Darling DonJuan they are stunned by his beauty.

He is clearly in a league of his own with the majority of yorkies being no contest.


Shanna Wright


Debbie Crowther


Dear Michael & Family,

I can not say enough about how thrilled I am with the puppy I got from My Insatiable Love. My little male, Cooper, was born in Dec. 2006 and I picked him up in Houston the end of March 2007. He was all of 1.5lbs! So tiny but he thrived and grew and is now 4 #'s. We love him to death. He is a happy, healthy 8 month old pup. Michael was so patient with me as I had many questions and knew nothing of the breed, much less of yorkies in general.

Cooper fit right in to our family and adapts to each and every situation. When he arrived at twelve weeks of age he was already trained to his pee pad. He is full of energy and is very curious! I put a little cat bell on him so I know where he is:) He very rarely barks but definitely knows how to argue; he is such a wonderful addition to our family.

I highly recommend any puppy you get from My Insatiable Love.

Debbie C


Rodney & Stacy V.


We purchased our puppy Easy from Michael and family in August 2006. We were aware of other people having had difficulties with purchasing puppies off the iternet and so we wanted to be sure we were cautious in our decision. We were so pleasantly surprised at how wonderfully everything worked out!

Everything about the experience was smooth. Our puppy was well socialized and even arrived housebroken to indoor potty pads! Easy was healthy and fit in with our family immediately. To this day, Michael checks in on Easy to see how he is doing. Easy is a happy, healthy dog who is admired by all who meet him.

We highly recommend My Insatiable Love to those interested in adding a Biewer (or a yorkie) to their family! We are truly grateful for the gift of Easy and for the Ostern family's expertise which makes My Insatiable Love such a fabulous place to do business with.

Rodney & Stacy V.


Donna Jean Donofrio


To anyone thinking of purchasing a dog from My Insatiable Love, in Germany:

I met Michael on a Yorkie Forum, and he had just finished posting pictures of his beautiful Biewer Babies that were from his latest litter and were available to purchase.

I must say I was more than impressed with the beauty and quality of his puppies!!!!! However he was in Germany and I live in the States, after being burned by buying puppies in South America, I was leery to even think of getting a puppy out of Germany. I also had know about the Biewer Breed for about 5 years, but these were the very first puppies that have impressed me.

I have beautiful yorkies, and have shown and made a champion out of one of my boys and had several champion girls, did I really want a Biewer, no, not until I saw this incredible litter, and Met Michael!

When I saw this litter of beautiful, darling, puppies I fell head over heels in love, they were the nicest I have ever seen bar none!!!!! I had never seen a group of more beautiful puppies in my life, they were all stunning!!!!

After communicating with Michael, I knew I was talking to a very special person, who truly cared about his dogs and puppies, I knew I could trust him to be nothing but honest about his puppies, and I knew I would not be let down, as I had in the past, in purchasing a puppy from Michael. Michael does not just sell a puppy to anyone, he really loves all his dogs from the bottom of his heart, and parting with one is like parting with his first born.

It was the first time I had purchased a puppy that the person I was buying the puppy from was interviewing me, checking to see if the puppy I was interested in buying from him would be in a lifetime home, where he would be spoiled, shown, and as well taken care of as he had been in the care of Michael. Michael loves his dogs from the bottom of his heart, his concerns about where his puppies go and the life they are going to have make the difference of getting a puppy from him or not. I am sure he turns down as many people as he sells a puppy to, and getting a puppy from him is not an easy task.

After many, many hours of emailing back and forth, sending pictures of where I lived, pictures of my puppies in play, checking out my web site, and making sure his baby would have the perfect home and the perfect life, and the best of care anyone could ask for, did he agree to letting me purchase a puppy from him. His major concern was my age, would I outlive his darling puppy, and if anything would happen to me, he wanted to make sure I had made provisions for his baby, and asked that he be returned to him to make sure he could guarantee him a perfect life in his old age.

I felt honored to be chosen to be the mother of one of his precious babies, and can not thank him enough for letting me purchase one.

I highly recommend Michael, his family and his Kennel to keep the integrity of the breed at it's very best. I also have never done business with anyone so in love with his dogs, his integrity, and honesty in keeping his word, he does exactly what he says he will do, his dogs are even more breathtaking in person than in their photo's if that is possible!!!!!! He is truly a wonderful young man to do business with. It shows in his commitment to the breed, in his communication with you before getting the puppy, and the quality of the puppy after he has arrived, healthy and thriving!!!!!!

Never in my lifetime have I ever found a more caring, honest, and loving person, true to his word to a fault to do business with, because of this Kennel, their commitment to raise the very best quality of puppies you will ever find, will his Kennel go on to be one of the finest in the Country. Anyone able to get a puppy from this kennel should feel very honored, as they raise the best I have ever seen, and are as true to the breed as they are to their word, I really can not say enough good about them.

With the warmest of regards and respect,

Donna Jean Donofrio, a proud owner of one of the most beautiful little Biewer boys in the world, from an Insatiable Kennel, My Insatiable Love!!!!


Teresa Harrison


Dear Michael and family,

I am writing to thank you so very much for sending me Happy Honey Bear. She is the most socialized dog I have ever owned. My Insatiable Love kennel made every aspect of choosing her so wonderful. I appreciated you answering my endless questions patiently over and over. Plus, with lots of movies and pictures I got to watch her grow over the internet, before she was old enough to ship. The best part of all was how well she fared being shipped from Germany to Texas. Happy arrived wagging her tail and ready to learn English!

I have owned and purchased dogs for some 30 years and have been the most impressed with your family and your breeding practices. My puppy and others that have been shipped from you have pleased the veternarians. Happy Honey Bear is a Biewer Yorkshire a-la- Pom-Pon. However, when graded by what we know from the much established breed of Yorkshire Terriers, she is exceptional in every way!

I would be happy to recommend you to any potential buyer and hope to purchase more dogs from you myself in the future. Thanks so much for giving me the most precious “furbaby” I could EVER hope for.

Teresa Harrison
Tomball, TX USA


Judy Lowitz


Dear Michael and family,

It is hard to believe that Minka and Gigi are now a year old. I cannot remember life without them. Theses little girls are so loving, bright and healthy. I am so glad I adopted them from you. I could tell immediately upon getting them from the airport, that Minka and Gigi were raised in a loving and attentive environment. They are so playful and loving. All I can say is I am overjoyed to have found you. I know at the adoption stage, I had numerous questions. You took your time and energy to ensure all my questions were answered. Your responses were honest and open. I could see from our communications that you cared deeply about your babies. That means a lot to adoptive parents like me.

Minka and Gigi are pint size bundles of joy, 2.6 pounds and 2.11 pounds respectfully… but they are filled with energy. It is amazing for me to see these little creatures rump and run with my other dogs. However, nothing stops Ms. Minka and Ms. Gigi from climbing steps and maneuvering onto furniture. They are happy and healthy. I cannot recall my life without them. Everyday they greet me with kisses and hugs. Just looking at them makes me smile. They are the sunshine in my life.

Michael & family , thank you for Minka and Gigi. I know adopting these little ladies has improved my quality and happiness in life.

Judy Lowitz
Virginia, USA



Norma Jean Hiller


Dear Michael and Family ............just a little update and to thank you again for my adorable baby boy Truffles (Buggatti)..........he is everything and so much more that you said he would be. Although I first fell in love with tiny Key to My Heart I knew I would need a bigger boy for agility and pet therapy visits. I was a bit disappointed when you said he was already promised but when it was clear he would be too big for breeding and was available again everything just fell into place. Now he is doing great in agility and even though we are still working on pet therapy certification he has already visited several facilities including a rehab center where he cheered up patients and left all the nurses laughing. He is my little stuffed animal who greets everyone with a million kisses and gets along so well with all my other fur babies....doggies and kitties both! ( I think he is in love with my kitten Olivia!!) I can’t thank you enough for the constant updates on personalities and photos of all the puppies while I was waiting for the day I would pick him up from the airport.....(and for answering my questions so quickly).....I felt like I never missed a day of Truffee’s puppy days...........he is still not as big as you said he would be but he is getting there.............he is so adorable and cute but what really attracts people to him is his amazing loving and funny personality.....he is soooo well adjusted and it has been a joy being this little guy’s mom...............thank you thank you thank you.................love and blessings, Norma


Valerie Kibler


Dear Michael and family,

I just wanted to thank you and your family for raising such beautiful, well socialized, healthy pups. Our Zoli (Enjoy the Beauty My Insatiable Love) is the BEST dog ever, he is exactly what we wanted in size, his coat is to die for, his face/ears are PERFECT and coloring is outstanding. He is the sweetest boy ever, we all just love him. He arrived at the airport, safe and sound, and gave us tons of kisses right away. He was in perfect health and my vet couldn't believe he had just traveled all the way from Germany. Thanks so much for all you did to raise the perfect puppy. Can't wait to get another My Insatiable Love puppy from you!

Valerie Kibler
Windy Hill Yorkies
Biewers & Cavaliers


Paula & Rudy Tuchek

Dear Michael & The Ostern Family

We would like to thank you so much for our beautiful boy Ha - Ri. He is absolutely perfect in every way. The most charming little character...we love him so much. I can’t say enough about how sweet & loving Ha - Ri is. Each day he grows more beautiful. Ha - Ri is everything & more that you could possibly want in a Biewer. He is just magical & we are all in love with him!

He is certainly what we would classify as a dream puppy & we look so forward to years of loving him. Thank you for the honor of having one of your beautiful babies & for going the extra mile for us. Our transaction could not have been smoother or more professional & your on going support has been much appreciated. Everyone here on the BlueMoon adores him! We wish you & your family the very best .

Happily on the BlueMoon

Paula & Rudy Tuchek


Alet Fourie


Dear Michael and family.

I know this is long overdue but I had a hard time saying in just a few words GREAT BREEDER and an even GREATER PERSON, afraid that words could never express properly how grateful I am.

After my children left home and I at last had the time I wanted something very special to spoil and fill my life with. Having had the pleasure of being owned by two Yorkies for many years it would have to be another Yorkie. I started looking for a breeding pair and I saw these amazing little dogs - THE BIEWER – on the internet and I was immediately sold. That was EXCATLY what I was looking for. After doing a lot of research I could not find one breeder in South Africa and turned my attention to Europe. As I have never imported anything in my life I was very afraid. Hearing all the horror stories from people buying of the internet – Where do I find an honest breeder? – who can I trust? Health, quality, temperament, conformation and strictly according to the Breed Standard was what I was looking for and not being able to go and view the puppies made this very difficult.

All my fears disappeared when I started communicating with Michael. As he (and for that matter no other breeder I could find) has never sold a Biewer puppy to somebody in South Africa, his skepticism about me and where I lived was very understandable and actually proved to me just how much he cares for his puppies. His knowledge, support and advice were phenomenal.

Eventually we started trusting each other and I bought my first puppy Keep The Dream (Schatz) from Michael. He kept me updated with wonderful pictures weekly of how my baby boy was growing up. In May 2007 I flew to Germany to see my little boy and being met at the door by Michael with my baby boy in his arms just took my breath away. Having the privilege of meeting Michael and his family who treated me and my husband like royalty was a dream come true. What an unforgettable visit that was, seeing all Michael’s adult dogs and puppies.

The love Michael and his family has for their dogs were obvious. They have full run of the house, are healthy, friendly and well socialized little dogs, sitting on my lap snuggling next to me and my husband (complete strangers) on the couch while us humans tucked away in the wonderful cake’s and coffee Mrs. Ostern prepared for us. Michael took me on a tour of their home and showed me where the puppies sleep and play. I was so relieved nowhere was a cage insight. If my time on this earth is up I would love to come back as one of Michael’s puppies. Wonderful fluffy couches to lie on, a warm beautifully designed puppy pen. That has to be puppy heaven.

The best part off course was holding the whole K-litter in my arms. I knew then that I definitely needed to have more than one of these wonderful little dogs. I immediately ordered a little girl from Michael.

My little girl Make Me (Lizzy) flew to South Africa in September 2007 and is my ray of sunshine, with her spunky little princess personality. Both were, from the moment they put their little paws of the plane and still are healthy happy puppies.

Looking for a Biewer Puppy of superior quality – look no further that the My Insatiable Love Kennel and Michael.

Lastly, thank you Michael for trusting me with your precious babies. I will forever be in your debt.

Alet Fourie


Lisa Mann


Dear Michael

I am more than happy to give a reference. I have searched for over a year to find a puppy like Tao. I found you on the internet. As you can imagine, I wanted to be sure that you were real and had healthy and happy puppies. You read about so many problems people have after paying a lot of money. I saw all the beautiful puppies you had sold and finally decided to contact you. You were very patient and kind. You answered all my questions and gave me the names of other happy clients who purchased puppies in the past. I contacted a few of them and they, as myself, had nothing but wonderful things to say about their Biewers. It was also very helpful when you sent me the videos of the puppies playing together. I could see that they were happy and were in a very good and loving environment. When the time came to purchase Tao, I felt very comfortable that I would be receiving a happy and healthy puppy.

Tao is the perfect little boy. He is not only beautiful but he is so bubbly and is my companion. When I first communicated with you I expressed to you exactly what I wanted in a puppy. After only two months with Tao it is clear he is exactly as you promised. I could tell the second he got off the plane. After a nine hour plane ride, he got out of his cage, gave me a kiss and started to eat his food. I was worried he would be shy and nervous. He is a little lover. Thank you so much for my little boy!

Kind Regards,

Lisa Mann


Maria Sabay Cote


Dear Michael & the Ostern family

My family and I are so blessed to have Aidan ("Simply Irresistable") in our lives. He is just that, simply irresistable. I had such great fears adopting a Biewer from overseas, but I did my year-long research and also contacted your references that were posted on your website. I received many responses and feedback...from that I made my decision to adopt from your family. As you can recall, I was very nervous and anxious - but your constant communication with me and sending photos of my new Aidan, eased the stress I was feeling. You were also concerned with our Customs policy - that he may end up staying at the airport - I realized then, how deeply you felt for this puppy's welfare.

When it was time for Aidan to come home, my children and I drove to Portland, Oregon to pick him up. We had no issues picking him up for any health reasons, but experienced difficulty at the Customs and Border Protection office because they wanted us to get a Customs Pet Broker. I had no idea what this was, and to this day, I don't know why they made me pay extra money for paperwork that I probably could have filled out myself. It was very strange and a bit frustrating. I wanted to mention this, so that others may check into this at the airport they are picking up their puppy from. This was no fault of yours, of course, and none of your references mentioned having to go through this either. Just ask your potential "adopters" to do their homework - we were afraid we wouldn't be able to take Aidan home that day because most of the Pet Brokers were closing up shop for the day (and that was Friday!!). After much stress, and the Customs Pet Broker meeting with the Customs officer (he told us to stay in the car) - we got the authorized paperwork and finally picked Aidan up from the transport place. Boy, was he happy to see us!! He cuddled with us all the way home to Washington.

From the pictures you had sent me of Aidan, I thought he was so cute and adorable. Seeing him in real life....all I can say is WOWee. He looks very very good. I took him to my vet and he was absolutely amazed at his quality. He checked Aidan thoroughly and said he was a very healthy pup. My vet knows I want to show him and told me I would be able to show Aidan - he's perfect (my vet has experience with dog shows). So....what more could I ask for? Well....Aidan is potty trained! I can't even do that with my three silly munchkin Yorkies! This shows me how much time you and your family spent caring for him. I truly appreciate that.

I have read Biewer forms that have treated you and your family unkindly. I'm sorry you have to go through such issues - I don't understand it because you have been nothing but wonderful to me. I can only speak honestly from my experience and it was an excellent one (as with many of your references who I'm glad to call my friends). I feel comfortable in saying I will adopt from your family again (hopefully next year - so save a little girl for me). Your Biewers are amazing, beautiful and are of exellent quality. Please feel free to give out my email address to anyone interested in your beautiful babies. I would gladly chat with them about my experience. Take care!

Big Hugs,
Maria Sabay Cote


Jenny & Henry Lee


When it had been finally decided that my family needed a Biewer Yorkie, I had yet another very hard decision to make; How do I go about in adopting one? That was when I met Michael Ostern of Langerwehe, Germany. I knew the instant we started conversing that his dedication to breeding dogs is unmatched and his intention is nothing but good and holy. This is not an exagerration. I must have done something right in my previous lifetime because the biewer Michael gave me, Kissy, is perfect in everyway. Michael, I would like to thank you with all my heart in giving us the opportunity to share our love with Kissy. And to everyone else looking to satisfy your love for biewers, look no further.

With my highest regards,
Kissy & Lee family


Sammano Siu Family


Dear Biewer Lovers, Fanciers, and Breeders,

I could not be happier to provide a letter of reference for the "My Insatiable Love" kennel owned by the Ostern family. After over a year of studying about these beautiful "rainbow dogs" I finally decided to take the plunge and add one to my family. I was not only looking for a family pet, but also looking for a dog that I can show. In my search for a pup health of course was one of my top priorities, but so was conformation, beauty, temperament and adherence to the standard. I reviewed numerous kennels and pedigrees of their dogs, but always found myself coming back to Michael's 'My Insatiable Love' lines. In my communications with Michael he was always patient with me and was sure to answer my questions. He is never in a rush to place his pups and made sure he had gotten to know me and understood what I wanted in a pup. He interviewed me and made sure that the puppy would be loved as much as he loved them and that they would have a happy home. After I had settled on a puppy, the transaction went extremely smoothly. And for those that are worried about purchasing a puppy from overseas, I can tell you now that the Michael and family are very honest and there is nothing to be worried about. After Michael booked my puppy's flight he relayed the information to me immediately and ensured that the airlines contacted me to confirm the arrival information with me. I was so thrilled on the day I picked up my boy. He literally came bouncing out of the crate full of puppy kisses and snuggles. I had expected the pup to be skittish and frightened after such a long journey, but he was the total opposite. He was so well socialized and got along with my dogs at home wonderfully. I recommend the 'My Insatiable Love' kennel without reservation. I know that when I am searching for my next puppy I will definitely purchase from Michael again.
Thank you so much Michael and Ostern family for allowing me to be owned by one of your beautiful dogs! Ezty is perfect in every way! I could not have asked for a better puppy! With our highest regards & puppy kisses,

Ezty & Samano-Siu family


Joe D'Alessandro


To Michael and all the others involved at My Insatiable Love Kennel,

First, although I have had many requests to write letters of recommendation in the past, I am very discriminating on putting my name on anything. So, I have never given an reference or endorsement. However, my experience with Michael and the kennel was far above any of my past purchases from other kennels throughout the years so I am happy and honored to include my recommendation.

Second, if you look at all the references most have similar content or say the same things about this kennel and owners, that adds a lot of validity to the references. And they are right, I purchased a male puppy, Mister Paparazzi, and he was as all the references said, he was of excellent quality, very well adjusted and exactly as Michael had said. In short, there were no negative surprises only good ones or surprises that exceeded what I was told. In addition, my veterinarian also confirmed the puppy's health and was so impressed by his quality she wants to purchase one for herself. I brought Mister Paparazzi into a home with three other small dogs, two cats, three parrots and one large dog an almost impossible situation for him to adjust quickly to. However, form the very start he was amazing and was never scared and very loving to all the animals. I commend their socialization skills as well as their genetic selections.

Third as I was looking to buy my first Biewer I searched for a long time and extensively. It was in those searches that I found several common threads, most all other kennels said how they were the best and they started with some of the finest imports from Germany. Well as I looked through the countless pedigrees most all had Insatiable Love lines in the background. So, my logic was why settle for yesterdays genetics and go to the source and I am glad I did.

In short, I enjoyed doing business with Michael, he was very honest and up front with me on everything. In addition, at the airport all the paperwork that is necessary to go through customs was unbelievable and if any little detail was incorrect or left out I would not have gotten the puppy. It went perfect.

Last, I have purchased from other kennels in the past and am fortunate to have had several excellent dogs. However, this is one of the best. And simply put Michael and family did a wonderful job from start to finish. I am anxiously waiting for another puppy from them.

Thank you Michael,

Joe D'Alessandro


Zeta Graff

Dear Michael

Thank you so much for the little angel you have sent us

Elmo (Quite the Ladies Man)arrived last week and he has far exceeded all my expectations

He is so much prettier than his pictures !!

He is friendly ,loving , playful, clever, healthy

with the most gorgeous coat and the cutest face ever

Your love ,care and attention for your little Biewers are so evident on our little boy

I highly recommend My Insatiable Love puppies to anyone who considers owning a Biewer angel

Michaell you are the best!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Z Graff